In honour of Pride Month, we celebrate with the resonating film, A Single Man. Sometimes awful things have their own beauty.


Released: 2009
Director: Tom Ford
Novel by: Christopher Ishwerwood

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We’ve talked about this in a few epsidoes but we talk about how we are watching this through our frame of reference. We cannot truly know what it is like to be dealing with what George was going through but there were certainly themes of universal human hurt.
  • To not give your whole self to this film is a disservice to it’s beauty.
  • Oti shares what it was like in Kenya, culturally and religiously, for gay people.
  • George’s lecture of fear is fueled by causes. Whether the causes are real or not.
  • Huxley – After Many Summers dies the Swan
  • People that have to wear masks don’t realise how much of their true selves manifest on the surface.
  • Sometimes the beauty of life is always there but you need to be receptive of it
  • This movie builds to the most heartbreaking crescendo. Life is a Charly.
  • So beautifully stitched together in so many ways it is a very still movie. All you have is yourself.

Unrelated but vital points

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For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt8286894[/imdb]

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