We want to share our deepest thanks for listening, supporting and sharing our little ol’ podcast! All our holes are satiated. Part 1 covers all episodes starting from Black Panther to Deadwood. Check out our Pardon the Pun tier on Patreon for the full video version. Thanks for a salacious year and we look forward to more frivolity with you in 2020!

TV Shows and Movies covered

1-Black Panther2-Vikings3-Upgrade4-Afterlife5-Leaving Neverland6-Get Out7-Money Heist & 23-Money Heist Part 38-Us9-Game of Thrones10-Escape Room11-Insecure12-Office Space13-BurningBonus-Gameofthrones-5 w/ NerdsFriends14-John Wick14-John Wick: Chapter 214-John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum15-Archer16-Deadwood