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Director: Zack Snyder
Budget: $65,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $456,000,000

300: Rise of an Empire
Director: Noam Munro
Budget: $110,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $337,580,000

Foundational Qualms

  • It’s not historically accurate. 300 was based on Frank Miller’s comic so  to be annoyed over it’s inaccuracy is just petty. Further to this, it  is an account from Dilios so there is obvious bias. Even within your  family, there are stories that you tell the world that you know aren’t  true. Further to this, accounts from Indigenous Australians witnessing  for the white people approaching the shores, because they didn’t have  frame of reference for guns and canons they were interpreted as magical  beasts. In the famous words of Winston Churchill, History will be kind  to me for I intend to write.
  • Spartans are known for being quick witted. A lot of the delicious quotes are from historical accounts.
  • Adultery kind of didn’t exist in Sparta and sexuality was much more progressive than most would presume.
  • There is only one correct way to pronounce Leonidas. Every other instance cause bleeding from the eardrums.
  • For some reason the accents didn’t bother us but we usually have qualms with mismatched accents in other films/TV shows.

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Oti undertook research for this episode but none of it was about Spartans.
  • 300  was very effective as it was a personal story and all other grander  elements are in the background. Rise of an Empire had a grander scale  and we didn’t get the emotional investment required to care more about  the characters.
  • 300 presented a different viewing experience.  Gladiator is a great film but where 300 succeeds is in it’s aesthetics.  The world was so immersive and it caught all our attention. Zack Snyder  removed all the noise to focus on this film. The fantasy element was to  also illustrate the creative licenses that were taken. If you want to  experience wholly realised narrative bolstered in creative licenses, you  are in the right place. Rocketman is a good example of this too.
  • Rise  of an Empire does well in rounding out the overall story. It covers the  Battle of Marathon which is the first instance of the Persian Empire  seeking to invade. What they didn’t account for what the heart and  military prowess of Greece. It gave Athenians and other city states  confidence that they are capable without aid from Sparta.
  • At the  battle of Marathon there are accounts that the Persian army had inferior  weapons. Yet 10 years later at the battle of Thermopylae they didn’t  try to improve their weaponry.
  • Wolf perfectly illustrates the military strategy employed at the battle of Thermopylae.
  • Leonidas  and Gorgo were a strong unit. Leonidas wasn’t going to heed to the  oracle and Gorgo knew that. Freedom above all else. They trusted in each  other and this was tested throughout the film.
  • Women were almost  considered as citizens. Which was rare for ancient societies. They were  allowed to exercise, be educated and were known for their breathtaking  beauty.
  • The concept of freedom is that it needs to be worked for.
  • After a sad desperate night after a few drinks you might just let Rise of an Empire Ephialtes hit that.
  • KT believes she could have slotted in quite easily as a Spartan woman. Aside from exercising ofcourse lol
  • In  Tanzania, soldiers were told if they drink this water those bullets  cannot touch you. They ran into battle, got shot and kept going. Morale  is very important and the way you approach a battle is very important.  This saw a lot of success with the Spartans and also Vikings. There were  historical accounts of Spartan men oiling each other and applying  perfume and this was because they were preparing for a beautiful death.
  • It was a very sacred role and no one was to kill them. Leonidas says your words are your words and held them accountable.
  • Peter Mensah becomes Doctore after being kicked in the well.
  • There is an underdog element attributed to the Spartans which is true in regards to sheer numbers alone.
  • Scores  and scores of the Persian army against 300 Spartans. Overlaying the  wolf symbolism we have Leonidas identifying a geographial advantage. It  was frustrating that the Persian army was so blatantly lazy. They had  valuable intel and chose not to bolster up their army. Yes they had a  multitude but it’s hard to respect lack of effort.
  • This film is gratitutous, sure. But why not bathe in the gloriousness of this film?
  • Xerxes said a few times how he would erase the Spartans from history which is cute because here we are, friends and lovers.
  • When  there is a threat you are expecting a foreign entity. What people don’t  account for are the domestic entities plotting against you. From a  narrative point of view, it’s interesting to have multiple characters  coming after your throne.
  • It is possible to enjoy delorable characters. If it is executed correctly.
  • You  may think you are a Spartan but we are all Ephialtes. Spartans are  jocks and Ephialtes is in the corner starting his podcast.
  • It’s an  interesting dynamic when you introduce a weak link. Ephialtes would have  betrayed Leonidas irregardless. He had no business requesting to fight  and was not self aware enough to count himself out.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Oti promised we wouldn’t fight. You decide if this promise was kept lol
  • It’s fun to come back to a film and recognising well loved thespians.
  • Shout out to Nicole Behari. She was done dirty on Sleepy Hollow.
  • Australian actors seem to be casted when you need a man’s man.
  • Beyond sploosh mountain you will find sploosh summit.
  • It’s sad that Xerxes got his elephants before Cersei.
  • Let us know if you would like for us to cover an African historical film.
  • KT has a newly formed Ephialtes member.
  • Imagine if For Your Reference podcast was the only time capsule of 2019. We would all be viewed badly lol
  • KT will be petitioning for Oti to be the voice of Xerxes.

For Your Reference

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