Check your beepers because we are going out for cheesy blasters on MILF Island this week with 30 Rock. I want to go to there!


First aired: October 2006
Number of episodes: 138
Network: NBC

Breakdown and Analysis

  • 30 Rock stand on it’s own in terms of layered writing, smart and bitey humour as well as being able to interweave social commentary within a relatively light show.
  • Tina Fey initially pitched a show based around a news anchor being paired with a Bill O’Reilly character who was envisagioned to be Alec Bladwin. The President of NBC at the time insisted she focus on her experience as first Female lead writer for SNL.
  • The first scene in the pilot episode immediately drew KT in where Liz Lemon ‘bought all the hotdogs’. Principles are important and most people are trash.
  • Liz Lemon is a great protagonist with lots of room for character development. With a delicious string of lovers and super relatable food attachments!
  • How do you even begin to rank Liz and Jack’s love interests? You just can’t.
  • Jack Donaghy is the classic powerful conversative male character and boy it is a treat to watch! His dynamic between him and Liz is something made of dreams! Good god, Lemon!
  • Jenna Maroney is EVERYTHING! From her rich backstory that we slowly are fed through the series to her brash approach to getting attention. Particularly loved see Jenna and Verna grow in love. Do it to me one more time, please! Love that the series ends with Jenna in a happy loving relationship with Paul.
  • Tracy Jordan is the THIRD HEAT! A great introduction to his character. It tickles us to know their dynamic is mirrored on their real life relationship. I love how it took seasons to force him into doing DVD commentary.
  • All hail the beeper king! Dean Winters is most welcome in the For Your Reference household. Loved that he appears in every season.
  • Jon Hamm is delightful and the fact that he has continued to work with Tina warms my cold cold heart. There is hope in the world. Hope not smarts. Poor drew and his handsome hands.
  • Footcycle. Luscious Plum. Settling soulmates. Need I go on? I’ll be here always, when the rains for in Wales. Chums. And yes, we do think of a pasty Englishman when we hear Wesley Snipes!
  • James Marsden is a disney perfect man and he was a nice conclusion to Liz’ love life.
  • Rest in Peace to the legendary Elaine Stritch and Rip Torn.
  • There are many memorable pairings with Jack Donaghy but none more sensual than Devon Banks. Peeewwww laser shield!
  • Iconic inside shows: Hard to Watch, Rural Juror, Bitch Hunter, MILF Island, Gold Case, Generalissimo, Dealbreakers, Right On, Gals on the Town (Aisha Tyler), Queen of Jordan
  • American, Kid’s Got Singing, Homonym
  • Iconic songs: Muffin Top, Midnight Train to Georgia, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, He Needs A Kidney
  • What an expansive guest cast: Jerry Seinfeld, Queen Latifah, Kelsey Grammar, Al Gore, Steve Buscemi, David Schwimmer, Paul Scheer, Megan Mullaly, Weird Al, Oprah, Margaret Cho, Will Ferrell, Sean Hayes, Michael Keaton, Matthew Broderick, Conan O’Brien, Aaron Sorkin, Carrie Fisher

Unrelated but vital points

  • Tina Fey is also on the extensive list of KT’s lady loves!
  • Tracy Morgan is a tremendous talent but he needs to have the right people writing for him. Exemplary examples: 30 Rock and The Last OG. Unforgivable example: Cop Out.
  • Don’t ask KT to choose her favourite episodes. That is just cruel.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt5363912[/imdb]

KT’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0367279[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt1439629[/imdb]