Unseen Marvel Studios Footage May Be Revealed Soon, Feige Says

Unseen Marvel Studios Footage May Be Revealed Soon, Feige Says

Deleted scenes and gag reels have been one of the most fun and exciting off-sets from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but apparently, fans haven’t seen the entirety of the scenes left on the cutting room floor as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has revealed that audiences may be seeing more of these scenes soon!

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In an interview with Empire Magazine (via Slash Film), Feige revealed that fans will be seeing things the studio has been too embarrassed to show fans in a currently unconfirmed (but highly probable) Infinity Saga box set.

If we do a big, giant Infinity Saga box set, we might include – I’m assuming if you’re going to spend the money to buy a box set with everything in it, you’re a fan,” Feige said. “And it’ll take more than a couple of really, really bad scenes to turn you…I like sharing those scenes. And when we have something like that that we love, and which was not an easy decision to cut out but was the best decision for the movie, it’s a great avenue to say, ‘We’ll put it out there.’ It’s not like no-one will ever see it. There are things that we think nobody should ever see. And I think we’ve just recently been discussing that now we can start to show some of our less proud moments.

While he’s currently keeping mum on which movies these “less proud moments” come from, Feige has discussed how the studio is ready to show off some of the more problematic parts almost included in the film and how he is excited to show it.

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There’s stuff that still pops up from the Star Wars trilogy occasionally – Tosche Station for instance,” Feige said. “That is not great, it certainly shouldn’t be in the movie, but I love seeing it. I love that they shot it and it exists and we get to see it. So usually we love putting that stuff out there. There’s some things that we’ve been too humiliated to show, but I think we’ll bring out soon enough.

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