10 best Danny DeVito movies

Danny DeVito’s Ten Best Roles

ComingSoon.net is counting down our ten favorite movies and TV shows starring Danny DeVito, a virtuoso across the worlds of film, television, and filmmaking. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Throughout his entire career, Danny DeVito has never been anything but a complete joy on-screen and off. Seeing him in a film or a television show, no matter how good the thing is overall, is a delightful feeling. It’s enough to improve the quality of the project by at least a few notches. When the project matches the amount of talent he brings to the table, it’s a recipe for absolute success.

DeVito has made a name for himself both on-screen and off—he has a tendency to direct a few of the films he’s in, even if his role is a relatively small one. Still, even if he has nothing to do with the behind-the-scenes work, DeVito is a thoroughly entertaining performer who delivers without fail. Over the course of his career, from 1970 to today, Danny DeVito has cemented his status as one of the best American actors working today.

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